I’m so sad…my big sister and best friend passed away.

Martha~ 8 weeks old

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but Mom and Dad have been busy caring for my big sister Martha. Martha has been sick for a few months and yesterday, Mom took her to the doctor. Mom says that Martha is now sleeping forever. I’m not sure what that means but I know that she didn’t come home and I miss her.

She was 11 years old and lived with us for 6 years. I’m only 7 so Martha has been my big sister for as long as I can remember. We were always together. Our favorite things to do were wrestling, begging for treats, barking at cats and squirrels, and sitting side by side on our window seat just observing the world.

Martha was a retired champion and had a lot of adventures before she came to live with us. She was very worldly and always had great stories to tell me about going to Dog Shows. She was a lady and only barked when it was necessary. (I bark all the time!) She loved to snuggle with me and would rest her head on my back. She taught me how to act responsibly~ and wasn’t above snarling at me when I got out of line.

We went on lots of vacations and were always together for hikes. Mom and Dad have a leash made for 2 dogs so we really were inseparable. And did I mention that she could run like the wind? Her favorite activity was fetching the tennis ball. I could never beat her at running. She loved her tennis ball so much that Dad buried her with it. Martha is now resting forever in her favorite spot in our backyard. After Dad covered her up, I laid down on the spot. That made Mom and Dad cry but it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’ll always miss my friend and one days we’ll play together again.



The sky is falling …..

I was hanging out in the kitchen this morning hoping that a piece of bacon would fall off of someone’s plate and land in my paws when I heard the news. They were talking about a satellite that was going to fall out of the sky. Today. And they didn’t know where it would hit. Uh-oh.

My Corgi survival skills kicked in and I went to work. Martha and I spent a good part of the morning gathering supplies to build a shelter.

Here’s what we came up with….

Anti SpaceJunk Protective Comfort Abode (Or Ironically) A.S.P.C.A. V1.1 Patent pending.

I was trying to be helpful…honest

I can explain

I can explain....really.

I know that a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words but let me add a few of my own.

So, here’s what happened. Really.

Martha found this box. And she decided to destroy it. What a mess she made. I didn’t want Mom to get upset so I wanted to put the box back together. I was lying here trying to decide what piece went with what when Dad walked in. I tried to explain that I was going to lick the pieces and glue them together because Martha had made a mess.

He didn’t believe me.

But ask yourself….would this face lie?

My summer vacation at Seneca Lake, NY

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks but Mom and Dad took me on vacation. I will admit that I didn’t know what Mom was talking about when she asked me if I wanted to go on vacation but she seemed excited about it and it involved the car so I was game.

It was my sister Martha who reminded me that vacation is when we ride in the car for a long time and then sleep in a tent, go for lots of hikes and swim in the river. Yay! I love vacation!!!  This vacation was way better than camping because we had our very own cottage on a lake!!

My home away from home

Martha and I had so much fun! We got to swim every day and even got to jump off the dock and swim to shore. Ok~ so Dad had to pick me up off the dock and put me in the water but I did bark excitedly!  I even learned that there are chickens that swim. I think they call them ducks. I tried herding them like I do my chickens at home but it didn’t work.

Ready to go swimmin'

I made Dad test the water to make sure it wasn't too cold

Duck~ it's what's for dinner(if I can just get to it)

Martha and I took Mom and Dad for a few hikes so they could get some exercise. And in the afternoon, Martha would nap while Mom made dinner.

Taking Mom for a hike

Martha taking a nap after swimming


It was a fun vacation and I hope that we can go back and visit next year.

Time to go home


Bob bravely steps outside…

Dad made me a Corgi Cam so we decided to give it a test run. Here I am surveying the yard after Hurricane Irene.

It’s still windy here but so far only a lot of leaves and small branches on the ground. I have been worried about my chickens. I haven’t seen them all day because Mom said it was too windy.

My First Hurricane~ getting ready for Irene

I have had a very exciting weekend!! Here in Massachusetts, we’ve prepared for the 1st hurricane in 20 years. Since I am only 7, I have no idea what a hurricane is but mom and dad seem to be concerned.

I watched Dad carry in our lawn furniture and Mom wouldn’t let the chickens out this morning!! This is serious so I decided to take some precautions of my own.

Waiting for Hurricane Irene

I have my emergency supplies ready to go....


Weather radio~ check. Lantern~ check. Tennis ball~ check.


This storm is getting nasty~ a corgi needs to be ready to go at a moment's notice

Herding~ it’s in my blood

I don’t know if you are aware of this but Corgis are herding dogs which means that we like to organize groups of moving objects. We’re not picky. It could be cattle or children. If they’re moving all over the place, I feel the need to round them up. This does not always go over well with parents. Not my problem. I’m just doing what comes naturally.

My favorite thing to herd is chickens. My mom and dad got me a flock of 6 hens. I have 3 black chickens and 3 yellow chickens. They live outside in their own house that daddy built but every day they get to walk around the yard and search for bugs. My job is to get the chickens back in the coop. So fun!!  I  have the best job in the world!!!

On duty

My First Post

Bob The CorgiWelcome to my very own blog!! Yes, Bob The Corgi now has his own blog so that my humans can document all the fascinating things that I do in the course of a day which includes herding chickens and playing with my older sister Martha, who is also a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.