I don’t know if you are aware of this but Corgis are herding dogs which means that we like to organize groups of moving objects. We’re not picky. It could be cattle or children. If they’re moving all over the place, I feel the need to round them up. This does not always go over well with parents. Not my problem. I’m just doing what comes naturally.

My favorite thing to herd is chickens. My mom and dad got me a flock of 6 hens. I have 3 black chickens and 3 yellow chickens. They live outside in their own house that daddy built but every day they get to walk around the yard and search for bugs. My job is to get the chickens back in the coop. So fun!!  I  have the best job in the world!!!

On duty


About AMBrock

I'm a 41 years old. Very happily married and mom to 2 corgis and 6 chickens. I recently resigned from my job of 25 years to pursue my dream of teaching yoga and helping people change their lives. This blog is a way to document my new adventure of living life on my terms instead of simply settling. Life is too short to be lived on autopilot.

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