I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a few weeks but Mom and Dad took me on vacation. I will admit that I didn’t know what Mom was talking about when she asked me if I wanted to go on vacation but she seemed excited about it and it involved the car so I was game.

It was my sister Martha who reminded me that vacation is when we ride in the car for a long time and then sleep in a tent, go for lots of hikes and swim in the river. Yay! I love vacation!!!  This vacation was way better than camping because we had our very own cottage on a lake!!

My home away from home

Martha and I had so much fun! We got to swim every day and even got to jump off the dock and swim to shore. Ok~ so Dad had to pick me up off the dock and put me in the water but I did bark excitedly!  I even learned that there are chickens that swim. I think they call them ducks. I tried herding them like I do my chickens at home but it didn’t work.

Ready to go swimmin'

I made Dad test the water to make sure it wasn't too cold

Duck~ it's what's for dinner(if I can just get to it)

Martha and I took Mom and Dad for a few hikes so they could get some exercise. And in the afternoon, Martha would nap while Mom made dinner.

Taking Mom for a hike

Martha taking a nap after swimming


It was a fun vacation and I hope that we can go back and visit next year.

Time to go home



About AMBrock

I'm a 41 years old. Very happily married and mom to 2 corgis and 6 chickens. I recently resigned from my job of 25 years to pursue my dream of teaching yoga and helping people change their lives. This blog is a way to document my new adventure of living life on my terms instead of simply settling. Life is too short to be lived on autopilot.

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  1. Bob Corgi says:

    It was a great week!

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