Martha~ 8 weeks old

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but Mom and Dad have been busy caring for my big sister Martha. Martha has been sick for a few months and yesterday, Mom took her to the doctor. Mom says that Martha is now sleeping forever. I’m not sure what that means but I know that she didn’t come home and I miss her.

She was 11 years old and lived with us for 6 years. I’m only 7 so Martha has been my big sister for as long as I can remember. We were always together. Our favorite things to do were wrestling, begging for treats, barking at cats and squirrels, and sitting side by side on our window seat just observing the world.

Martha was a retired champion and had a lot of adventures before she came to live with us. She was very worldly and always had great stories to tell me about going to Dog Shows. She was a lady and only barked when it was necessary. (I bark all the time!) She loved to snuggle with me and would rest her head on my back. She taught me how to act responsibly~ and wasn’t above snarling at me when I got out of line.

We went on lots of vacations and were always together for hikes. Mom and Dad have a leash made for 2 dogs so we really were inseparable. And did I mention that she could run like the wind? Her favorite activity was fetching the tennis ball. I could never beat her at running. She loved her tennis ball so much that Dad buried her with it. Martha is now resting forever in her favorite spot in our backyard. After Dad covered her up, I laid down on the spot. That made Mom and Dad cry but it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’ll always miss my friend and one days we’ll play together again.



About AMBrock

I'm a 41 years old. Very happily married and mom to 2 corgis and 6 chickens. I recently resigned from my job of 25 years to pursue my dream of teaching yoga and helping people change their lives. This blog is a way to document my new adventure of living life on my terms instead of simply settling. Life is too short to be lived on autopilot.

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  1. Anne says:

    Bob, I’m so sorry about Martha. She seemed like such a great big sister! I know your Mom and Dad are very sad so they will need lots of Corgi kisses from you. (HUGS)

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